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Common Queries

Can I get Medicare rebates?

Yes, the Medicare rebate for our psychologists is $88 or for our occupational therapists is $78, if you have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) which you can get from your GP. Bring or email your MHCP to us at your first appointment.

Do you take NDIS clients?

Yes. PsycheLife can take clients with a self-managed plan and third party managed plan. We are not a registered NDIS provider. We can help you with assessments, counselling, therapy, supports, strategies, skill building, review reports and NDIS paperwork. We can send invoices directly to your plan manager.

Do you offer home or school visits?

Yes. School, kinder or home observations offer the opportunity to see a child in a “real-life” setting. We can also talk to  teachers, provide ideas for support and strategies. There is $50 fee for transport on top of the normal consultation fee.

Do you have a waitlist for assessments or support?

We do not currently have a waitlist for consultations or assessments. There is a limit on the number of assessments that we can undertake in a week, so there can be a small wait but the appointments will be scheduled at the initial consultation.

What is the benefit of an assessment?

An assessment might not result in a diagnosis, but can provide information about strengths and needs. This informs how to modify behaviour, provide support, develop skills, provide recommendations to teachers. In some cases it can result in being eligible for NDIS funding and additional support in school.

Do you take private health insurance clients?

Yes. Appointments will need to be paid in full. We provide a receipt and you will need to process refund/rebates with your insurer.

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