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Know what you are paying for

Fees & Cancellations

Session prices from January 2024

Payment is required at the end of each session via credit card. Once approved, the Medicare rebate is processed online.

  • Registered psychologist (50 min Medicare or private)  $220*

  • Registered Psychologist NDIS rate (1hr) $214.41

  • Registered psychologist Saturday rate 5% surcharge 

  • Registered psychologist Couples rate 10% surcharge

Assessment Session Fees:

  • Registered Psychologist 2hr Cognitive/ Learning Assessment $280

  • Registered Psychologist 1hr Assessment (ADOS/MIGDAS/CARS) $520

  • Assessment questionnaires (flat rate) all questionnaires included $440

  • Assessment Report billed by hour @ $230 per hour (4 hours = $920)


Note: We adjust the standard rate where appropriate to meet the needs of our clients. You may be eligible for a concession rate - please discuss with PsycheLife Admin. 


Fee reductions and rebates:

Rebates are available from Medicare (approximately $93.35 with a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP) or alternatively a rebate can be claimed from most Private Health Funds, depending on your level of coverage (please check with your health fund provider). You can choose only one so you will need to choose between claiming from Medicare or claiming with your Private Health Fund. PsycheLife also works with clients funded by the NDIS.

Diagnostic Assessments:

Cost depends on the goal of assessment and the process required. Talk to us about your needs as we will always work to devise an approach that will be affordable for you.


Typical components of an assessment process include:

  • Initial consultation: Gather background information, understand concerns and goals*.

  • Cognitive Assessment: A two-hour session including assessment, scoring and interpretation. A Medicare rebate is not possible. 

  • Learning Profile Assessment: A two-hour session including assessment, scoring and interpretation. A Medicare rebate is not possible. 

  • Observation at home, school or kinder: Consultation and observation/ behavioural assessment of a child*. 

  • Play Observation (ADOS): Behavioural observation & assessment*. 

  • Clinical Interview: A consultation with client or a parent to understand their experience with respect to diagnostic criteria*. 

  • Assessment questionnaires: These are sent via email for completion and the clinician undertakes scoring and interpretation of the results. A flat rate is charged, regardless of the number of questionnaires used.

  • Assessment Report: All the data and information is collated into a detailed report, including recommendations for next steps, treatment, and for school.

  • Feedback session: The report is provided and explained, with recommendations and next steps.  

Fees for Assessments can be paid in instalments or in full. Reports will be provided once payment is made.

An example of typical Assessment Processes and costs based on pre-July 2023 prices can be seen by clicking on the button, below.

Additional Fees

  • Phone calls are considered a consultation once they exceed 15 minutes duration and will be charged at a cost of $60 per 15 minutes.

  • Additional Reports are charged per hour that it takes to compile them, with respect to due diligence in reviewing client data.


* May be eligible to claim under Medicare.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is without charge if more than 24 hours prior to the session.

Within 24 hours and without explanation, the full consultation fee will be charged. If within 24 hours we encourage clients to reach out to PsycheLife to reschedule or swap to a telehealth session to avoid the cancellation fee.

Provision of medical evidence of transmissible or sudden medical illness will enable the waiver of the cancellation fee.  

If two appointments are missed concurrently, we will contact you to understand how we can better schedule a session to suit your needs, or allocate your place to someone on the waiting list.

The Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) recommended fee for a 50 minute session is $280.00 (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023).

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